Casi un 30% de los dueños reconocen no tener asegurado a su perro pese a que la nueva Ley de Bienestar Animal prevé su obligatoriedad

For many owners, dogs are just another member of the family. In fact, according to the survey, 42% consider them as a family member and more than 7% as their child. And in terms of the household budget, having a dog costs, on average, €1,982 per year or €165 per month, with food (€49.8 per month) being the item on which Spaniards spend the most, followed by vet bills (€34.7/month) and vaccinations (€24.8/month).


Brooding accounts for 40% of anxiety-related problems and 30% of depression-related problems amongst the spanish population

In Spain, brooding over emotions is the main indication of these clinical symptoms. In this sense, 40% of people say they have suffered from mental health problems; This is particularly common among young people, with a worrying 54% of young people aged 18 to 29 admitting to having experienced this type of problem.


Women have a 17% higher risk of death and are twice as likely to suffer a brain injury in a car accident

Many women are forced to get too close to the steering wheel as they cannot reach the pedals properly. This greatly increases the likelihood of serious injuries to the chest, face and neck if the airbag is activated.


Línea Directa obtains a net profit of € 0.9 million in the third quarter

The result is the fruit of the pricing, underwriting and claims management measures implemented by the company in 2023, which have enabled the Group to improve its margins in the third quarter of the year, recording a net profit of € 0.9 million for the period.