FAQS - Financials

When does Línea Directa publish its results?

Línea Directa publishes its results quarterly. You can find all the information in the Results and presentations section.

You will find all release dates in our Financial Calendar.

How can I get hold of the latest Annual Report?

The Annual report of Línea Directa Group is available on this website as PDF

Annual reports

What is the difference between the consolidated financial statements of the Group and the Annual Reports of Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A.?

The consolidated financial statements of Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A. and its subsidiaries for the years ended 2018, 2019 and 2020 have been drawn up for the listing of the Company and on the basis of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS – EU).

Also, Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A. has been publishing its Annual Reports drawn up according to the requirements of Plan General Contable de Entidades Aseguradoras (“PGCEA”). The individual accounts concerns only the holding company "Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A." whilst the consolidated accounts contains the financial statements of the holding company and its subsidiaries.

Consolidated Financial Statements (IFRS-EU)

Consolidated Annual Accounts (Spanish GAAP)

Individual Statutory Annual Accounts (Spanish GAAP)

Where can I access Línea Directa’s Solvency and Financial Condition Report?

You can check the Solvency and Financial Condition Report in the Solvency section.