To be the benchmark insurer because of our respect for all of our stakeholder groups, particularly our customers, employees and suppliers. To be at the forefront of innovation in the insurance sector and to promote values associated with road safety, home safety, health, the environment and sustainability.



To provide our direct response expertise and make it available to our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and, therefore, society as a whole, generating wealth, safety and a more responsible and sustainable environment for people.



Generate business and retain customers

Promote a sustainable commercial offer that responds to customer needs and new market opportunities linked to sustainability.

Placas solares
Care of talent and culture of Sustainability

Promote the well-being of people and raise awareness of sustainability in the work environment.

Health sciences
Attract responsible investment


Position Línea Directa as a reference value among the investment community for its commitment to sustainability. Incorporate ESG criteria into the Group's investment decisions.

Marca con reputación ESG
Brand with ESG reputation

Strengthen the link between the brand and the sustainability attribute among all the organization's interest groups.

Contribución Social y Medioambiental.
Social and environmental contribution

Strengthen the Group's social contribution through its Foundation, strategic alliances and internal programs. Define a roadmap for decarbonization.

 Top of Mind en Grupos de Interés (Instituciones y sociedad)
Top of Mind in interest groups

Position the Línea Directa Group as the benchmark insurer in ESG matters among its stakeholders.