Anti-Corruption Policy

The Línea Directa Group is fully committed to the fight against corruption, as set out in the Anti-Corruption Policy approved in 2021. This commitment extends not only to all employees, managers and members of the board of directors but also to all suppliers and stakeholders with whom it interacts. Through this Policy, the Línea Directa Group develops the principles of zero tolerance towards any form of corruption, establishing a framework of action to help prevent and detect any type of corrupt practice in the Company's activities.

The specific principles of action associated with this Policy are listed below.

  • Complete rejection of any activity that is directly or indirectly related to acts of corruption.   Zero tolerance for bribery, extortion, bribery or influence peddling.
  • Prohibition of any conduct that is not in line with the Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • Implement due diligence processes in the contracting of suppliers and distributors to ensure that they comply with appropriate ethical and conduct standards.
  • Transparency in the activity, operations and transactions of the Línea Directa Group and their faithful reflection in its books and records.
  • Promote the Company's internal anti-corruption training and culture, as well as the use of the Ethical Channel to report activities contrary to the provisions of this Policy.