Línea Directa Aseguradora approves payment of a third interim dividend of 0.007 euros gross per share

The company will have consequently paid a gross total of 0.048 euros per share as ordinary dividend against 2022, totalling 52.48 million euros of the Group's earnings in the first nine months of the year.


6 out of 10 Spaniards are struggling to make ends meet more than they did a year ago despite reducing family expenses

This Christmas will be different for some families. More than 65% of Spaniards will reduce their expenses these holidays by limiting their budget to food and gifts. This trend will continue next year because 8 out of 10 Spaniards intend to cut their spending on leisure in 2023, mainly by reducing meals out and spending on clothing and travel.


The Linea Directa Foundation trains fifty unemployed teachers to teach road safety in the classroom

With the aim of including road safety in education plans, the Línea Directa Foundation is training fifty unemployed teachers free of charge to create new professional opportunities for them and improve their employability.


76% of the population rate their diet as good or excellent despite the fact that a third consume ultra-processed food almost every day

However, 13.2 million Spaniards (one third of the adult population) admit to consuming ultra-processed food 3 or more days a week, and almost 24 million (66% of those surveyed) say they eat precooked meals. In addition, only 28% cook with fresh food, a vital aspect of cooking.