The Linea Directa Foundation trains fifty unemployed teachers to teach road safety in the classroom

With the aim of including road safety in education plans, the Línea Directa Foundation is training fifty unemployed teachers free of charge to create new professional opportunities for them and improve their employability.


76% of the population rate their diet as good or excellent despite the fact that a third consume ultra-processed food almost every day

However, 13.2 million Spaniards (one third of the adult population) admit to consuming ultra-processed food 3 or more days a week, and almost 24 million (66% of those surveyed) say they eat precooked meals. In addition, only 28% cook with fresh food, a vital aspect of cooking.


The number of accidents involving animals on Spanish roads has doubled in the last 5 years 

Soria (9.4%) is the province with the highest percentage of accidents involving animals, followed by Teruel (4.4%) and Huesca (4%). On the opposite end are Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas and the Balearic Islands, with token incidence. 


Línea Directa increases it´s income by 4.1% and post profit of 58.3 million euros at september, with growth across all it´s business lines 

The company's customer base grew by 3.5%, to over 3.4 million policyholders. The Group has demonstrated its commercial dynamism by generating new business and increasing the loyalty of its portfolio against a backdrop of weak demand and a smaller market.