Performance evaluation

In 2022, Línea Directa carried out the performance evaluation of 98% of its employees, as part of its talent management strategy.

The performance evaluation process is based on the agreement of objectives at the beginning of the year, which include:

  • Area objectives, linked to the company's strategic objectives, most of which are common to the work teams, and in which each member of the team defines what their contribution will be.
  • An individual development action plan linked to the competency profile of each employee.

After establishing these objectives, throughout 2022, employees held development conversations with their immediate manager, through an innovative methodology in the field of Human Resources. The aim of these talks is to promote a culture of development, within a talent strategy, which enables the identification and development of the skills and knowledge necessary for the professional growth of employees.

There are areas of the company directly focused on the business that carry out these conversations on an ongoing basis. In other areas, where projects are common, these conversations are held annually.

Thus, at the end of the year, and as the culmination of the performance evaluation process described above, a multidimensional evaluation is carried out, both by the team leader and by the employee, of the development of his or her competencies. On the other hand, the manager assesses the individual objectives of each team member and their evolution in their individual Development Plan.

Following this assessment, the manager holds a performance meeting with each team member to communicate the results of the assessment and provide personalised feedback.

In summary, in 2022, the number of employees evaluated was as follows:


For further information, please consult the following link:  ¿Cómo se mide el rendimiento de los empleados? - Línea Directa Blog - webCorporativa (