Institutional Outreach

Linea Directa’s purpose is to bring the age of opportunity to everyone. We are therefore working to create a more inclusive and sustainable society for new generations, with an eye not just to the present, but also the future.

For this reason, we primarily work on a strategically relevant area for Línea Directa. On the one hand, the promotion of digitization in which data and technology help improve the insurance industry, who will be able to make better informed decisions.

To do so, we choose to collaborate with industry associations that share our vision and whose activity  is aligned with our objectives. Additionally, we start to collaborate with public organizations to we started to collaborate with public entities for the definition of insurance for alternative means of transport, such as electric bicycles or electric scooters. However, these actions did not entail a cost for Línea Directa.

As associates and trustees of these organizations, we contributed €126,632 in Spain in 2022 to promote our vision of the future through their activities:

Linea Directa makes an effort to be present in the local sector organizations in Spain. The largest contribution to these organizations in 2021 we made to UNESPA (93,638€). It also participates as a member of ICEA (Investigación Cooperativa entre Entidades Aseguradoras y Fondos de Pensiones), a Spanish non-profit association of insurance companies, with a contribution of 32,994 euros.

These collaborations are in addition to our intellectual contributions to promote the transformation of the sector, which we provide directly through the research activities and road safety reports.

These institutional activities are always carried out with the utmost transparency, without interfering, conditioning or influencing political pluralism in Spain.

A must for sustainable collaboration.

Línea Directa is associated with both UNESPA, the insurance sector organisation in Spain, and ICEA, an entity that collaborates with the insurance sector to provide information and data in order to understand the evolution of the sector from different perspectives and facilitate the training of its professionals. 

Both associations are aligned with the global sustainability agenda, which is based on projects such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreements and the European Green Pact. In order to fulfil this purpose, ICEA and UNESPA started a collaboration for the elaboration of a series of sectoral statistics in the field of sustainability.

In the event that the strategy on important aspects such as the SDGs or the Paris agreements of the organisations in which Línea Directa participates differs from the company's position, Línea Directa will encourage, through its participation in the various committees of these, alignment with its particular position. In the event that at the end of the year the positions remain far apart, Línea Directa will evaluate possible alternatives such as joining other similar associations whose strategy is aligned.