Insurance for everyone

Promoting the financial inclusion of vulnerability groups

Insurance activity is part of the daily life of society. Its social function is fundamental to improve people's lives and to mutualize the costs derived from different risks, which favors the financial stability of the economy. Furthermore, it is relevant that each insurance actor becomes aware of the importance of general risk coverage progressing and favoring the inclusion of all the groups that form it. 

According to UNESPA, insurers take care of the health of 12.4 million people in Spain. They are people of all ages: young and old. In addition, automobile insurance protects an insured fleet of 33.4 million vehicles and more than 216,000 victims of traffic accidents of various degrees receive medical attention. In addition, 21.4 million homes are insured. 

Finally, insurance protection against adverse weather events is important. Damaging natural events occur more and more frequently, with greater intensity and over larger areas.

In this context, Línea Directa is aware that its protection is very relevant for vulnerable groups. For this reason, it has approved the Social Impact and Financial Inclusion Policy in 2024 and launches products, services and coverages that seek to increase social coverage for vulnerable groups or those who have problems accessing insurance solutions. 

Among the different products that Línea Directa has launched, committed to this vision, are the following:


Personal Mobility Insurance 

Línea Directa launched the first insurance for personal mobility vehicles that adapts to anyone. It is completely flexible insurance. The insurance is designed to cover this new way of urban mobility, which in addition to being more sustainable, is more economical, and which has favored the mobility of many social groups. Specifically, whether you are an occasional user of personal mobility vehicles or if you are a regular user of them.

According to a study carried out by the Línea Directa Foundation, 74% of young people between 18 and 24 years old are the most prone to VMP.  This group is especially vulnerable in road safety. The type of vehicle, its coexistence with other types of mobility and with pedestrians and the lower frequency of use of safety measures, mean that they are exposed to a greater risk of accident. 

Línea Directa offers insurance adapted to a pay-as-you-go economy, which for a very low cost can cover your frequent or punctual journey.

Coverage of accesories adapted for people with disabilities

Adapted cars are those that have a series of modifications so that people with disabilities can drive a vehicle. This group requires very specific accessories such as telescopic ramps, lifting platforms, manual controls that replace pedals, etc. 

Línea Directa has coverage of accessories adapted for drivers who need a modification to their driving. Each and every device must be approved.

In this way, Línea Directa responds to the needs of this group and extends its motor coverage to respond to its commitment to financial inclusion.


Línea Directa Health Insurance

Línea Directa makes health insurance available to society that responds to the different needs of each group. With this, it wants to bring private healthcare closer to the economic and family circumstances of each person. This flexibility allows access to groups that have traditionally had barriers to entry in the healthcare sector. 

In this sense, Línea Directa has a range of products that, with different modalities, adapt to the needs of access to medical tests, detection and prevention of diseases of the group of people over 60 years of age. Being able to have access to primary medicine, medical tests and specialists with or without co-payments provides protection that favors the inclusion of this group in the private insurance sector.