Employee wellbeing survey

For Línea Directa Group, people are at the forefront of all decisions. Its corporate values determine the way it treats its employees and makes its decisions. 

The relationship with employees is, above all, human and close. This closeness and transparency in the professional relationship generates an atmosphere of trust, which is the essential component for all employees to feel cared for and listened to.

A good example of this commitment is the result of the latest  culture and commitment survey, “IMPLÍCATE”, in which 85% of employees say they feel engaged with the Company. 

The "ÍMPLICATE" survey is conducted every two years, which is expected to be carried out again in 2023 and is launched to more than 95% of the company's workforce. The survey is divided into the following topics, of which some examples of the questions asked are given below: 

Employee experience and happiness

  • I feel that the company takes care of the moments that are important to me.
  • I feel informed through the different internal communication channels about relevant aspects of the organisation. 
  • I have the opportunity to learn and progress in my company.
  • I feel that I receive adequate remuneration in relation to the work I do.

Effectiveness of line manager and management

  • My line manager conveys a clear vision of where the area's strategy is going.
  • The management team provides employees with a clear picture of where the company is heading.
  • My line manager co-operates and co-ordinates with other areas.
  • The Management Team provides motivating and inspiring leadership.

Purpose and motivation

  • I am clear about how my work contributes to the achievement of the company's objectives.
  • I am motivated to do my best to contribute to the success of my company.
  • I feel I can influence how things are done in the company.

Agility and innovation

  • The company is responding quickly to customer needs and demands.
  • The company promotes diversity of ideas, perspectives and work styles.


  • I have confidence in the future and success of the company. 

Job satisfaction and commitment

  • I currently feel satisfied in the company.
  • I would recommend my company as a good place to work.

Performance enhancement and stress level

  • In my area/department, jobs are well planned and organised.
  • I am able to get my work done on time.
  • I am able to make decisions that enable me to do my job effectively.
  • I have the right tools and resources to do my job effectively.

Diversity, equality and work-life balance

  • The company promotes effective equality between women and men.
  • The company treats people fairly irrespective of age, nationality, beliefs, sexual orientation and any other personal circumstances.

Other aspects 

  • Such as Code of Ethics, strategic approach and Sustainability