null Póliza Respira motos eléctricas
Póliza Respira motos eléctricas

Línea Directa expands its Respira Policy to electric motorcycles as part of its 'Tomorrow's Mobility' strategy

  • The Respira Policy, the comprehensive insurance with excess of Línea Directa Aseguradora for pure electric cars and plug-in hybrids of individual customers, is now extended to also insure electric motorcycles and mopeds.
  • For 119 euros per year, the product includes cover and services adapted to the specificities of this type of sustainable vehicles, such as battery theft, charging cable and travel assistance due to battery discharge, along with all those typical of insurance for conventional motorcycles.
  • Línea Directa currently has about 16,900 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids insured, including 3,800 motorcycles. The extension of the Respira Policy to include electric motorcycles is another step in "Tomorrow's Mobility" strategy, which is part of the 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan. It provides for offering sustainable products and services in car, house and health insurance.

Madrid, 25 April 2023. Línea Directa Aseguradora goes one step further in its commitment to promoting electric mobility through specific products for zero-label vehicles. After extending the Respira Policy (initially designed only for electric cars) to plug-in hybrid cars, the company is now also extending it to electric motorcycles and offers cover and services adapted to the characteristics of these vehicles.

The Respira Policy for electric motorcycles and mopeds is a third-party insurance with theft and fire for a single price of €119 per year. In addition to the general cover for conventional motorcycles, this product has specific and very useful guarantees and services adapted to the characteristics of less polluting motorcycles. Specifically, it covers the battery and charging cable in case of theft, and offers travel assistance due to battery discharge

Línea Directa Aseguradora launched the Respira Policy in 2016 for electric cars, and extended it to plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2022. In its option for zero label cars, it is a comprehensive insurance policy for €249 with excess of €300 the first year. 

Línea Directa Aseguradora currently has a portfolio of nearly 16,900 insured electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, including 3,800 motorcycles. With Respira Policy, the company wants to make it easier for users to purchase less polluting vehicles while increasing its share in this growing market. In 2022, more than 15,300 electric motorcycles and mopeds were sold in Spain, accounting for more than 7% of the two-wheeled vehicle registrations, according to data from the National Association of Companies of the Two-Wheeled Sector (Anesdor).

Aligned with the 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan

The extension of the Respira Policy to include electric motorcycles allows the Línea Directa Group to advance in its 2023-2025 Sustainability Plan, whose goals include the launch of products and services that promote the transformation towards a more sustainable economy, adapt to the new needs of customers and are in aligned with the company's three business lines (Car, House and Health). 

As regards car insurance, this policy is embedded in the strategy called "Tomorrow's mobility", which also features, for example, Safe&GO, the first pay-per-use insurance for users of electric scooters and other personal mobility vehicles.

According to Patricia Ayuela, CEO of Línea Directa Aseguradora, "The renewal of the vehicle fleet, with an average age of more than 13.5 years and an urgent need for it to be adapted to the environmental requirements of today, has to be a priority, and here at Línea Directa our aim is to be the benchmark insurance company for this new mobility. With our differential offer and at an unbeatable price for any electric vehicle, whether car or motorcycle, we are already insuring all sustainable mobility options, while seizing an important opportunity for growth".