null Línea Directa commits to maintainning 2,400 jobs

Línea Directa commits to maintainning 2,400 jobs

  • The insurance company has announced that it does not intend to introduce temporary redundancy plans (ERTEs).


  • It has established the protocols needed to protect and support its employees and customers, applying a series of measures including remote working for all of its workforce, including those working in customer service.


  • The insurance company has lent more than 30 cars from its fleet for the field hospital installed in IFEMA in the Madrid region and a similar number for the regional government of Catalonia. It has also made more than 50 call centre operators available to support the public information service.


  • It has put in place a plan to help its more than 150,000 self-employed customers and launched a home-help service for employees who need help buying medicines or food during the lockdown because of their health. 

Madrid, 27 March 2020. The COVID-19 crisis has further strengthened Línea Directa's commitment to its workers and customers, and also to the victims of this virus. The insurance company reacted very promptly to the current extraordinary situation facing the country, ensuring protection for its employees, service continuity for its customers and help for all those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The insurance company has announced its intention to preserve the jobs of its 2,400 employees. It has announced that it will not introduce a temporary redundancy plan (ERTE).

Since the state of emergency was decreed on 14 March, the company has implemented remote working to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities on preventative measures for COVID-19.

The company has managed to get all of its workforce working remotely in record time, resolving all the challenges this posed for a company so focused on customer service.

Miguel Angel Merino, CEO of Línea Directa said: "we are very proud that all our employees were able to start performing their daily responsibilities from their homes, smoothly and at full capacity, in less than a week, with all the technological implication this entails, such as professional computer equipment, remote VPN connections, bandwidth and connections to the company's servers. In the week we have been working remotely, we have answered 125,000 calls from customers and managed more than 5,000 claims."

To help victims of COVID-19, the insurance company has lent a fleet of 30 Audis and Minis to the Community of Madrid for the field hospital set up in IFEMA and a similar number to the regional government of Catalonia. It has also offered more than 50 people from its contact centre to help with information services for the public during this crisis in both regions. 

Línea Directa has also launched a series of measures to support its more than 150,000 self-employed customers during the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, helping them pay for their insurance. It has introduced a plan to make it easier for them to pay for their insurance by making payment more flexible and adapting to their particular needs, offering them payment deferrals of up to three months or the option of split payments, either through several consecutive monthly payments or through different monthly installments.