null TytoCare, Vivaz and Nebula Partner to Bring Innovative Virtual Care to Spain
TytoCare, Vivaz and Nebula Partner to Bring Innovative Virtual Care to Spain

TytoCare, Vivaz and Nebula Partner to Bring Innovative Virtual Care to Spain

Madrid, September 15, 2022 - TytoCare, the global healthcare industry’s first all-in-one modular device and examination solution for AI-powered, remote physical exams, today announced a partnership with Vivaz, the health insurance brand of Línea Directa Aseguradora, a leading healthcare insurer in Spain, to bring the TytoCare solution to the Spanish market. Vivaz will integrate TytoCare into its current offering, enabling clinic-quality primary care from anywhere, at any time. TytoCare will be distributed by Nebula-VPC, a major healthcare distributor in the Spanish market.

Emergency departments (EDs) across Spain have become overburdened by large numbers of unnecessary and avoidable visits, leading to long lines, crowded medical facilities, and lengthy waiting periods for medical care. Virtual care offers an alternative, serving primary care needs and beyond with immediate and “always-on” care from any location. While traditionally telemedicine in Spain involves a simple phone or video call with a doctor, TytoCare goes far beyond that, utilizing a straightforward, all-in-one diagnostic tool to generate accurate patient information and provide high-quality medical services anytime, anywhere. Vivaz clients can now access remote primary care visits through TytoCare’s TytoHome solution, replicating an in-person doctor visit from the comfort of home with comprehensive remote exams resulting in diagnoses.  

“Our clients across Spain stand to benefit from this truly revolutionary new access to high-quality, convenient and digital care in their day-to-day life,” said Olga Moreno, Managing Director of Vivaz. “Families are taking unnecessary and time-consuming trips to overcrowded and germ-filled emergency departments for issues that could easily be solved by a primary care physician if appointments with clinicians were more readily available. We are excited to expand our digital offerings through our partnership with TytoCare, utilizing their all-in-one solution to provide comprehensive examinations, without the hassle of going to the hospital.”

TytoCare’s CE Mark-approved handheld examination kit enables users to perform comprehensive physical exams of the heart, skin, ears, throat, abdomen, and lungs, and measure heart rate and body temperature, which are key for treating many acute and chronic conditions. This allows healthcare clinicians to gain the vital clinical data needed to remotely monitor, diagnose, and treat patients. This level of comprehensive virtual care results in increased customer loyalty and retention, and reduces the number of unnecessary and avoidable emergency department visits, driving lower costs for insurers and creating a win-win for patients and payers alike.

“We are thrilled to be entering into the Spanish market via Nebula-VPC with a digitally forward-thinking partner like Vivaz,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of TytoCare. “As emergency departments struggle to keep up with the massive demand for day-to-day care, we are excited to provide patients with virtual care that allows them to skip the waiting room and still receive a diagnosis, removing the guesswork for physicians and allowing virtual care to move beyond just video and audio solutions.”

“Thanks to this partnership, Spaniards will now - for the first time ever - have access to virtual care that truly meets all their medical and personal needs,” said José María Cucho, CEO of Nebula-VPC. “We look forward to continuing to improve care in Spain through innovation and enhanced access to quality care.”