Data Privacy

Data privacy

The Línea Directa Group has a governance framework for privacy and data protection that guarantees the rights of customers, suppliers and employees in this area and the confidentiality of all operations, for which it is assisted by a specialised team and a Data Protection Delegate.

Secondary purposes

The Group has its own privacy policy whose main lines of action are the appropriate protection of customers’ personal and confidential data and ensuring strict compliance with the law.

The company also complies with the principle of transparency by informing customers, employees and suppliers of the processing it carries out with personal data and the legitimate bases for such processing.

Along the same lines, the Group monitors the percentage of users whose customer data is used for secondary purposes, which in 2023 stood at 70%. It also provides information on where and how the rights of access, rectification, erasure, objection, portability and restriction can be exercised, who the recipients of this information are and how to contact the company’s Data Protection Officer. The Group also ensures at all times that personal data and transaction data are transmitted through appropriate, reliable and secure channels, maintaining their integrity and confidentiality.

How the information is protected

The Group Línea Directa protects information that contains personal data of its clients, firstly, by establishing information security procedures so that the smallest number of people or entities possible access it.

In the event that access to said personal data is necessary, the data will be previously anonymized or pseudonymised.

Furthermore, controllers subject to this Policy shall take appropriate measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk of each processing operation.