Línea Directa is certified by the Fundación Más Familia as family responsible companies with a proactive B+ level. The Más Familia Foundation awards the EFR (“Family-conscious company”) certification to Spanish companies that are strongly committed to work-life balance through their own work-life balance management model, which the certified companies must develop internally. Following the last audit carried out by a third party, which was passed in October 2022, more than 130 measures that the company uses to promote work-life balance were analyzed, which are available through the employee portal and are based on the following principles:

1.Quality in employment

2.Flexibility in space and time

3.Employee family support

4.Professional development

5.Equal opportunity

Línea Directa is particularly committed to employee family support for whom it has implemented a series of measures related to maternity and paternity such as:

  • Employees are entitled to enjoy 16 weeks of paid parental leave plus 15 working days of breastfeeding leave, as established by the Spanish Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, March 1. The company has decided to supplement the salary of its employees during this type of leave: Línea Directa will pay the difference between the benefit that the employee receives from Social Security and the remuneration that they would be entitled to if they were working.
  • Línea Directa additionally allows 5 days of breastfeeding leave to be taken within 12 months after returning to work, whereas by law they must be taken at nine months after the baby is born in order not to be lost.
  • The company has established lactation rooms in all its buildings, equipped with refrigerators, to support breastfeeding by providing a suitable space for milk expression and storage while employees are in the office.
  • Línea Directa has negotiated with nurseries in the vicinity of its work centers so that its employees can benefit from advantageous conditions, including significant discounts and schedules adapted to the office hours of Línea Directas´s employees.
  • In relation to family support in general, Línea Directa has enabled paid leave for its employees in cases of dependent family members or relatives who have to receive treatment to fight cancer.


Finally, in line with its commitment to the work-life balance of its employees, Línea Directa has developed an “à la carte” timetable system to facilitate flexible working hours for its employees. At the same time, employees who are not only in direct contact have a flexibility of 1 hour at the time of entry and, consequently, at the time of exit.

It is also important to highlight the implementation of a new flexiwork model, which provides all employees with the possibility of working from home 6 days a month and which has enabled Línea Directa to gain in agility and efficiency, as well as optimizing working times and, at the same time, to focus on the flexibility and well-being of the employee as the main driving force of the organization, in order to achieve its ambitious medium and long-term objectives.